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We redesign and modernize small to mid-sized companies to fit the new economy, analyze start-up viability, and design services customers really want.


Business design is a human centered approach to innovation. It applies the principles and practices of design to help organizations create new value and new forms of competitive advantage. At its core, Business Design is the integration of customer empathy, experience design, and business strategy.

The business architects at Styler Design Group act as designers of total concepts and enterprise-wide solutions, and supervise the realization of those solutions.

the problem we solve


The ECONOMY changed

The CUSTOMER changed

The TOOLS changed

How WORK is done changed

How SERVICES are delivered changed.


…but MOST businesses haven’t!

what is service design?

Two coffee shops on the same street serve the same coffee


Why do you go to one shop and not the other?

When you think of a good experience – having the right information provided just when you need it, being treated fairly, getting value for money – someone designed that.
The part of a service that a customer sees is just the front stage, and the realm that, traditionally, designers are hired to work on. Except there’s much more to it than that. We do more than affect the aesthetics. The backstage is where we start – where a company’s story and purpose and market needs originate.  We work with our clients to design the most desirable services that seem effortless, fit the product to the customer effectively, but are specifically structured by analysis, research, and testing to ensure they deliver.

  • Better services =
  • Better customer experiences = 
  • More customers = PROFITS

Our Specialties

We help your business stay relevant

Tell us your story

Design of services people want

product to market guidance

Business improvement Consulting

business modernization

brand development

business revitalization / makeovers

competitive strategies

start-up Viability 


People deserve better services. We design them.



We are

service designers,
system thinkers,
business architects,
content creators, 
and consultants.

Experience design

Fresh, innovative, and memorable are what companies need to be in order to remain competitive in the experience economy. We create the experiences that help your company achieve that.

modern workplace

We help companies adapt to new digital tools needed to service and communicate with their customers in the marketplace.

service strategy

We enable organizations to build actionable service strategies as the means to deliver their products.

brand development

A brand isn’t just a logo. We build complete brands that shape an organization’s culture and personality,
and are remembered by customers.

service innovation

We design new services that people want and need.

service improvement

We fine-tune and solve business problems to boost the performance of existing services.

human centricity

We help companies align or re-align themselves around their customers’ changing needs.


Have a great idea for a new business but need help to get it off the ground?
We can help you with that.


service rates

We do things a bit differently because we are different.
We don’t have a fixed hourly rate. We do this because the value of our solutions varies for each client we serve. in addition, We offer our services with more flexibility and in ways that fit you best. Our goal is to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

You can call on us just for advice when your budget is limited and you only need a little help, or you can hire us for projects for which we can provide our ‘Good, Better, Best’ options.

Also, you can hire us to embed with your company (aka – work full time at your location, or remotely) for more complex enterprise-wide executions.

why we d0 this

…because business is personal

It isn’t 1980 anymore. Long gone are the days of ‘if you build it, they will come’ as a mantra for business. Small businesses are closing their doors faster than ever, or never getting off the ground.  We can blame the economy, but data shows that over 70% of businesses are building products nobody wants. And that is the problem.  It also shows that the consumer has changed, but many businesses still hold onto what worked in the ’80’s. They’re not adapting.

What we are in now is called the Experience Economy.  We want to help businesses adapt to this new economy, help those that are struggling or outdated, and help them to offer products that consumers do want. We also want to advocate for consumers who’ve been exploited by corrupt business practices and aggressive or deceptive marketing tricks. We want to help ethical businesses strengthen and grow in the small and mid-sized business sector again. It’s good for fixing the economy and ultimately, good for everyone.

Consumers say they want memorable experiences in the marketplace, let’s give it to them. With the rise of technology, consumers say, more than ever, that they want business to be personal. We agree with that too. Whoever said that business isn’t personal, was wrong. Business is personal…


Trevor Styler

Accomplished in organizational transformation and implementing business design projects that impact the entire organization.

An expert in the digital environment and focused on the human-centric needs and engagement challenges facing today’s business.


co founder

Marta Styler

Multi-skilled award-winning designer and business architect with a keen interest in human behaviour and a background in strategy, business, marketing and brand creation.

Strong ethical vision of the role of design in society and the execution of tangible, elegant solutions.


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